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SmartiGraphs is an educational website, which vision is to contribute for quality and conscious civic participation in the political processes in Bulgaria. Out mission is educational and our aim is to meet people’s need for political and societal knowledge with the help of copyright content, innovative tools and an expert team.


Before the majority of young people in Bulgaria stands the question of their active participation in political processes. In practice, however, a lack of interest, insufficient awareness or limited knowledge in the subject are observable, which lead to political apathy, alienation from the forms of participation or lack of position on important public matters. SmartiGraphs’ role is to inspire change by educating through an objective, accessible and attractive way, and lays down the grounds for informed civic and public decisions.


SmartiGraphs’ focus are political and social matters. Through analysis, systematization and processing of information, our team of authors is the first in Bulgaria to produce specialized infographics.

The infographics aid the comprehension of complex subjects. Visual information is processed 60 times faster than regular texts, and its format allows for easy distribution through social media and other online channels.


smartigraphs infographics information about politics societyOn its path SmartiGraphs managed to draw audience of more than 100 000 people, aged 20-35, with different education and occupation. In this idea’s realization were drawn many partners – universities, state and international institutions and organizations with similar missions. Together we carried out many projects, campaigns and events, and the efforts for the creation of new opportunities and shared success continues. КапиталKarollCapitalMediaCafeЕntrepreneur.bgDarikVestiАctualnoBNTBNRPravatami.bgBulgarian HistoryStudents’ Club of Political Science are just some of the organizations that aided the successful achievement of our goals in the last 20 months. Through the active participation of the SmartiGraphs team of political scientists and experts and with the help of beneficial partnerships we reached more than 120 publications.

Since the beginning of the project in 2013, SmartiGraphs has managed to cover important social and public topics and events such as the National protests, Parliamentary elections 2013, Euroelections 2014 (EN), MAKE A CHOICE, Republican budget and Energetics. We expanded our team, embarked on a bilingual social campaign and in December 2014 we organized and realized an open-door event at Sofia University, which was welcomed by the present students and media.

The perspectives before our development in the next period are connected with more activities, projects and innovations, regarding the functionality and design of our website, the subjects and campaigns, as well as the organization of events and meetings with our audience.

Our mission is educational and we are on our way to usher in an alternative civic education, to inspire more and more people to participate in the political processes and to interest them in politics and public issues, which play a key role in everyone’s life. SmartigGraphs proves that politics could be understood easily and even in a fun way!

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